The guest operations agent is out of date, stopping script from continuing through loop

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advanced apology/warning!:

I have tried to format my post to show the script nicely/properly using guide I was previously pointed to by a member on here but it just won’t (not sure if it’s because it’s quite long!) so my apologies ( I had this trouble before so I’ve attached my script instead)


my script is basically looping through every server on my estate, and determining a bunch of things and then getting the uptime of that server via the os guest (wasn’t happy with the stat from the hosts itself) . it works fine until it finds a server where invoke-vmscript returns the error “the guest operations agent is out of date”


fine don’t mind that i’ll just pipe that in my csv, move on and look at it after.. problem is – it stops my script dead, instead of continuing on through the estate (of which I suspect there to be more or the same error)


I thought by checking the tool status (which can seen in the ELSE of the first IF)  before going down to the level of the actual OS checking it would filter/capture it but it seems to be ignoring this. How would I go about doing this with invoke-vmscript? do I simply need to do another if and do something based on the scripts output.


any guidance is appreciated

Getting "" for everything

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Newbie Alert!


I am working through this blog post:
From within Postman, I can login successfully and get a session ID. However, with everything else I get “httpNotFound”. For example, simply trying to list the hosts:


    “name”: “”,

    “localizableMessages”: [


            “defaultMessage”: “Not found.”,

            “id”: “”



    “majorErrorCode”: 404


The only references I have found to this problem (or something similar) either point me to the blog post above, tell me to use the FQDN (which I am) or are using have a different problem and rthe solution does not apply. using the same credential, I can log into the VSphere web client and list resources with any problems.

Is there something on the server that I need to active in order to get this to work?


Well, I thought the login was successfull, but I am now getting


“type”: “com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.unauthenticated”


However, I can still login successfully to the Web Client.


if I created a new environment with a different vCenter, I can login and get a session ID.  So I go back to the original environment and still get “unauthenticated”. I now switch back to the enviroment that just worked and am now getting “unauthenticated” for the vCenter that worked 30 seconds ago!  So, I add a new vCenter and get a session ID when I login:



    “value”: “102c88d6e396f36cf1c9d12d53001eb2”



Trying to get a list of hosts I get the “httpNotFound” error. I have tried clicking the “Logout” button and then “Login”. But no matter what, once I am logged in once, everything just gives me “unauthenticated” or “httpNotFound”.


Is this a Postman or vCenter problem?

vCheck and storing credentials for scheduled task

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I’m trying to setup vCheck as a scheduled task but it keeps prompting for credentials when running as a batch file.


I’ve added the credential using the following command.


New-VICredentialStoreItem -Host myvc -User administrator@vsphere.local -Password password – File c:scriptsvcpwd.xml


In the connection plugin for vcenter, I’ve added the following lines to pull the credentials but it’s not working. Am I missing further steps here or what is the cause?


$Credfile = “C:scriptsvcpwd.xml”

$Creds = Get-VICredentialStoreItem -Host $VIServer -File “C:scriptsvcpwd.xml”


The .bat file string is as follows: C:WINDOWSsystem32windowspowershellv1.0powershell.exe -File “C:scriptsvCheck-vSphere-mastervCheck.ps1

VOMA failed to check device: Severe corruption detected

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I had a disk fail yesterday, and after the rebuild I noticed one of my datastores was missing.  I see the device but not the associated datastore.


/vmfs/devices/disks/eui.30f9584100d00000:1                                                         59cd3f06-381b631f-8b26-002590707790  0  raid


I am running vSphere 6.5


When I run VOMA I get the following output:


[root@ESX-1:/var/log] voma -m vmfs -f check -d /vmfs/devices/disks/eui.30f9584100d00000

Checking if device is actively used by other hosts

Running VMFS Checker version 2.1 in check mode

Initializing LVM metadata, Basic Checks will be done

Phase 1: Checking VMFS header and resource files

   Detected VMFS file system (labeled:’raid’) with UUID:59cd3f06-381b631f-8b26-002590707790, Version 5:81

ON-DISK ERROR: corrupted SFD address <FB c14268 r687> for resource file PB2

         ERROR: Failed to check pb2.sf.

   VOMA failed to check device : Severe corruption detected


Total Errors Found:           1

   Kindly Consult VMware Support for further assistance


Is there anyway to do a repair on the device in question?


Thanks for any help

Mouse click not working Workstation Pro 14.1.1 build – 7528167

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This was working prior to a PC upgrade. I went from a Asrock z77 Extreme 4 motherboard with 16GB of memory and an Intel i5 3570k, to a Gigabyte Z370XP SLI motherboard 16GB of memory and an Intel i7 8700. I transferred my drives, did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.251), My VMs reside on a secondary storage drive so I opened them in workstation. I have tried reinstalling VMware Workstation, recreating the preferences.ini located in %USERPROFILE%Application DataVMware, recreating the virtual machine and reinstalling vmware tools. I checked another VM and encounter the same issue. So I can CTRL+ALT to break input to the host and it will allow me to click one time, after that it acts as if the mouse buttons are not working. Has anyone ran into this or does anyone have anything I can try? Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Web cam does not show video

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Hello. I hope you all are fine!


Im having a problem with the webcam video (always with usb cams). The VM ware software shown the webcam connected to host and also the SO recognize it (/dev/video0) but its not possible to get video. We need the video to implement a CV software for facial recognition application. And yes, I went to tools->show all usb devices. etc…


it looks like there is a problem with the video buffer. There is a way to troubleshoot it?


Thanks and best regards.



I'm looking for a PowerCLI script that helps to determine the current status of the vmtools and vm hardware version which the servers list can grab from the input file, can some one help please.

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I’m looking for a PowerCLI script that helps to determine the current status of the vmtools and vm hardware version which the servers list can grab from the input file, can some one help please – thanks