Forwarding Emails

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When you forward an email to others or copy new people to an email thread, review all the content in the entire email and make sure the information contained in it is suitable for everyone. It is very easy to forward emails to others, not realizing there is highly sensitive information in the bottom of the email that people should not have access to.

Web cam does not show video

This post was originally published on this site

Hello. I hope you all are fine!


Im having a problem with the webcam video (always with usb cams). The VM ware software shown the webcam connected to host and also the SO recognize it (/dev/video0) but its not possible to get video. We need the video to implement a CV software for facial recognition application. And yes, I went to tools->show all usb devices. etc…


it looks like there is a problem with the video buffer. There is a way to troubleshoot it?


Thanks and best regards.