AV 2.13.1: Errors when assigning app stacks to computer OU or AD object

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We’ve recently updated to 2.13.1 to make use of the ability to mix computer and user object assignments, but we’re consistently seeing two different errors that crop up randomly when View tries to refresh a machine after user logoff, and during recompose:


1. Invalid configuration for device 1 (or 2/ 3)


2. Cannot power on VM on Host in Datacenter. Failed to lock file.


When both of these occur, I can see that App Volumes has not released the app stacks assigned via computer assignment – they remain attached to the VM.


We’d normally run the viewdbchk script on a connection server to repair the desktops, but this does not work with any desktop displaying this issue. The only way to get around it is to manually delete the machine, and then run the viewdbchk script.


The only reference to this issue I have seen goes back to AV 2.6 where the solution was to ensure “Allow non-domain entities” was unchecked int he admin gui, Unfortunately, this has never been checked in this particular environment. Has anyone else come across this before with the latest version before I log a call with support?

Unable to run win-install.cmd, Error – permission denied

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I am using HP machine with windows 10, i have installed vmware workstation 11 and using linux and windows server as a VM in it.


To install MAC OS X lion in vmware workstation 11, i am trying to run win-install.cmd but getting an error- permission denied. Please see the below picture:-


Please let me know what i am doing wrong and help me to install MAC OS X lion.




MSP – Applying ESXi and VCenter Updates

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I am working with a Managed Services IT Provider, and we are trying to determine the most efficient method of applying patches and updates to VMWare ESXi servers, and VCenter servers and appliances.  As of now, we manually apply updates to each server, but with hundreds and possibly thousands of servers at our various customers throughout the world, doing so in a timely manner is nearly impossible.


Does VMWare have a solution for managed service providers to allow this to happen in an efficient manner?  What is the best way for us to go about this, for all of our customers, without taking up a tremendous amount of time, and also allowing for this to happen on a routine basis, so our customer’s VMWare servers are regularly patched?

Bulk import not collecting all unmanaged machines

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I have installed vRA 72, I have my blueprints done, configured vCO, created custom properties.  It is now time to import my existing VMs from vCenter 6.0 U3.


When I run the Generate CSV to find all my unmanaged machines it does not collect all the machines.  I have about 20 machines that the csv generation does not find.  I am OK with creating a csv from scratch but I do not know where to find the virtual machine ID or the Deployment Name.  Do I even need these?


I have an open case with support but they are dragging their feet.  I was hoping there was someone out there that can help me or point me and support in the correct direction.



ESXi 6.5.0 Web client stop accepting connection from different PC

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I have a ESXi 6.5.0 running for a few months and everything was great. It has approximately 11 VM up and running.


However, recently I noticed that only 1 PC on the network can access the Web client using URL

I restarted the host and it went back to normal of which all other PC on the network will have access to it. But few days later, problem will come back.


For the PC that can not access Web Client, I can ping the server no problem at all and I have tried all browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) but it shows page can’t be displayed.

It’s talking to the web client somehow because it changes the icon as following.


I know host restart will fix this but it’s annoying to keep on restarting the host. Is there a service that I can restart and try?

Is there any other way to connect to the host?

What else might be wrong with my server?


Thanks for any help.