Applying custom certificate in vSphere 6.5 using Microsoft CA template fails and rolls back

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When applying a certificate using our Microsoft CA (I followed the VMware article/video on how to create a certiifcate template) to our vCenter (Windows) server, it fails and rolls back. The issue I’m getting is the same as the following discussion posted a few months back. However, there’s no fix provided:certificate-manager ‘lstool reregister’ failed: 1 / VCSA Certificate Manager Option 1: Replace Machine SSL certificate with Custom Certificate


The error in the log:


2017-10-19T00:26:19.474Z ERROR certificate-manager Error while replacing Machine SSL Cert, please see C:ProgramDataVMwarevCenterServerlogsvmcacertificate-manager.log for more information.

2017-10-19T00:26:19.474Z ERROR certificate-manager ‘lstool reregister’ failed: 1

2017-10-19T00:26:19.476Z INFO certificate-manager Performing rollback of Machine SSL Cert…


Is there an actual fix to this that can be made available instead of me having to call VMware support?



Script to collect from all VM adapters – portgroup (network), VLAN ID, subnet mask, gateway address

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This info is not all in one place, which adds to the complexity. I need to gather from all VM’s info on all adapters portgroup and I need the VLAN ID, the gateway address, and the subnet mask. The reason for this is we want to gather portgroup info about both VLAN and network (subnet and gateway).

Instant clones issues

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We are in the process of building a VDI infrastructure and doing some test on a sandbox one.

We built a connection server, composer server and we have no issue to generate Linked clones.

When it comes to Instant clones I can never have instant clones machines created as it stops after the creation of the original templates. That templates is registered on Ad and after a certain time I get the following error message: Error during provisioning: Initial publish failed: Fault type is UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL – After waiting for 600 seconds internal template VM: vm-1657 is still has not finished customization. Giving up!


I read some information on that forum but didn’t find any solution or lead to solve my problem.


Does anyone already had that issue and was able to go around.