Upgrade ESXI 5.1 to 6.5

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Hi all,


We are using a HP Branded VMWare ESXI 5.1 hypervisor on a HP Proliant ML350P Gen8. We do not use Vcenter and we only have one host. We want to upgrade to ESXI 6.5. I have been Googling to answer some of my questions but cant find some of the answers. Maybe you can help me out…


1. I have found that I cant upgrade from 5.1 –> 6.1. The installer only can install 6.5 and preserve the datastores. In what steps can I upgrade? 5.1 –> 5.5 and then 6.5 or?

2. I cant find if the hardware is compatible with ESXI 6.5 but the server isn’t listed for 5.1 either so I dont know if i can upgrade?


Thx for your help.

Migrating SRM (Array) Servers to another Cluster

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I quite totally new with SRM Array Based and want to be very sure on my plan. So I would like to ask your assistance.


We have Non-SRM and SRM servers. We are migrating them to other clusters (same site and vCenter).


What we did:

1. We presented the source cluster datastores to the destination clusters.

2. Presented all vLANS and modified host profiles.


They are now using same distributed switches, no problem with the network and storage anymore.


Now, we have migrated all non-SRM servers, by changing their hosts. All migrated VMs are working fine.


My problem is the SRM Servers, I can do the same as non-SRM server but my worry is the SRM side. What steps do i need to make the modifications so the replicated wont break and still working.


Please help and will appreciate any inputs from the community.

cant grow vmfs

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Hi guys, I´ve got a ESXi 6.5 on which i want to expand a vmfs-volume via gui it does not work (yes i rescanned the hba, as one can see in the imgur-album), and via cli im not 100% sure if i can fire off the command and not damage it..

here i´ve collected some screenshots http://imgur.com/a/Hp9s3

could someone please tell me which commands i should enter to extend the store?

lets say i fire off the command with the possible layout wrong (i.e 2000 insted of 20) what would happen? would it do anything at all?