Broadcom BCM5719 Ethernet only negotiates at 100mb Full Duplex

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I am running VMware ESXi 6 on a DL380 G9 server.


It is connected to a gigabit switch set to autonegotiate, but the server only negitiates at 100mb Full Duplex.

I have checked the cables and switch and both are fine. We have even tried another switch

I cannot force the card to 1000mb full duplex because VMware gives the following error

“Error: Forcing 1000Mbps or faster may not be supported on this network device, please use auto-negotiation instead”


No matter what we try we cannot get the speed increased. Can anyone suggest how we might fix this

listing SCSI Address or Virtual Disk Device with VM's Hard Disk number, Scsi Canonical Name and device

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Hi, points for someone who can get the info from these two scripts to report in one command:



$vmview = Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Filter @{“Name” = $vm}



foreach ($VirtualSCSIController in ($vmview.Config.Hardware.Device | where {$_.DeviceInfo.Label -match “SCSI Controller”})) {

foreach ($VirtualDiskDevice in ($vmview.Config.Hardware.Device | where {$_.ControllerKey -eq $VirtualSCSIController.Key})) {

Write-Host SCSI” (“$($VirtualSCSIController.BusNumber):$($VirtualDiskDevice.UnitNumber)”)” $VirtualDiskDevice.DeviceInfo.Label





This gives


SCSI (1:8) Hard disk 23

SCSI (1:9) Hard disk 24

SCSI (1:10) Hard disk 25

SCSI (1:12) Hard disk 26

SCSI (1:11) Hard disk 27

SCSI (1:13) Hard disk 28

SCSI (1:14) Hard disk 29

SCSI (1:15) Hard disk 30


which I found here:


and from VMware:


get-VM VMName | Get-HardDisk -DiskType “RawPhysical

“,”RawVirtual” | Select Parent,Name,DiskType,ScsiCanonicalName,DeviceName | fl >



which gives:


Parent            : VMName

Name              : Hard disk 29

DiskType          : RawPhysical

ScsiCanonicalName : naa.514f0c5411400124

DeviceName        : vml.02001f0000514f0c5411400124587472656d41



Parent            : VMName

Name              : Hard disk 30

DiskType          : RawPhysical

ScsiCanonicalName : naa.514f0c5411400125

DeviceName        : vml.0200200000514f0c5411400125587472656d41



Parent            : VMName

Name              : Hard disk 31

DiskType          : RawPhysical

ScsiCanonicalName : naa.514f0c5411400126

DeviceName        : vml.0200210000514f0c5411400126587472656d41


again, points for help in giving the script that will give both the info from this last script with the SCSI ID and hard disk count together.