Error: nfs41client failed to load

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I’m trying to install vmware 6.0U2 on HP blade BL460cG9 (with HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port Adapter 536FLB).
During the installation phase is notified an error “nfs41client failed to load” and subsequently being shown the attached error.

It could be a compatibility problem?
the drivers are not present in the installation ISO?
any other cause?

I tried to insert the driver (with ESXi-Customizer) in ISO, but the error does not change.

ESXi downgrade?

This post was originally published on this site

I have a server ML150 G6 as lab testing environment.

Storage is 4x1TB SAS drives in RAID 10 and ESXi is installed on a USB-stick.

In the current situation we run ESXi 6.5 and everything seems OK except, we have problems with our controller (P410), the status is unknown and when we run the CLI: “hpssacli ctrl all show config” it says: No controllers found.

I have tried installing the latest VIB drivers from HP but it does not work. The driver installs, server reboots but still No controllers found.

I discovered that the P410 is not supported in 6.5 so I tried to downgrade to HP custom ISO 6.0 U3. The installation stops and I get a purple screen that says:

CPU 4: no heartbeat (3/3 IPIS revieved) …

Can I install the usual 6.0 ISO from VMware and get support for our P410?



Or how do I get around this problem?



Thanks in advance