Cannot download Vsphere Hypervisor 6 (free) – download link does not work

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This has been happening since at least Saturday, and others have reported this as well (in the regular Hypervisor forums).


Neither the “manually download” nor the “Download Manager” links do anything.


I’ve tried 6 different computers (Windows XP and Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Enterprise), 4 different web browsers (IE10, IE11, Firefox, chrome), and 3 different ISP (Verizon FIOS, Road Runner, and whoever supplies our Corporate LAN–AT&T or something).


I’m not sure VMware is even aware that there’s an issue.

Logon task for bginfo

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I’m trying to get a logon task to work that will push out a custom background using BGinfo, but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I have tried running the command directly, as a VBscript, but no luck. The bginfo.exe and .bgi file (contains the configuration) are both applied as files in the User Environment configuration. I am able to get this to work if I create a triggered task for reconnect using the exact same command.


Has anyone else had any issues with the logon task configuration? Is there log files I can look at? Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

W2012 Nic-teaming bridge no Ping

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Hi all, I have this situation:




1x W2012 with 2 nics in team mode (New server)


Vmware player installed

1x VM Windows server 2003 (Old server)



VM network connection in Bridged mode (automatic, but vmplayer select the correct adapter: the nic-team adapter)


Windows firewall OFF in both (host and guest)

Nic team adapter (Microsoft network adapter multiplexor driver) with Vmware bridge protocol checked





No ping between HOST and VM.



Oters pcs in lan ping w2012 – OK

Others pcs in lan ping vm w2003 – OK

Firewall exception to vm IP – FAIL