nested ESXi vHost networking, the nested VMs cannot access outside world.

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my DataCenter configured as following:


     1.  Physical Switch connected to 3 Physical Server.

          vCenter Server IP:

          two ESXi Physical Hosts: IP:


      2.  My laptop connected to this physical network, IP: 192.168,10.100.


      3.  My two Physical Hosts configured with one Standard vSwitcher0, uplink VMNIC0,  portgroup MYLAN vLan ID=162,  vmk0 vLan ID=162.


      4.  I created two nested ESXi vHost on the two Physical Host, assigned IP 192.168.10,101/102, gateway

      5.  Standard vSwitch0 on the two vHost, only VM NETWORK portgroup, all with default vLan ID =0.


      6.  I create VM on nested vHost, and assigned the VM using VM NETWORK, also assigned the IP:, gateway


          But from my VM,  I cannot ping,  also I cannot ping the VM (x.x.x.201) from my laptop.


          I can ping my two nested vHost from my laptop, also can login the VM console through my nest vHost.


         from my vHost world, my network is configured as EST (external swith tagging).

         from my Physical Host world, my network is configured as VST (virtual switch tagging),

         Theoritically my configuration should be correct, but it don’t work.


        I’m new comer to nested VMWare  world.   I’m appreciated for any suggestion and help. 

Network Settings options greyed out in Fusion Pro 7.1.0

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I have uninstalled VMware Fusion 7.1.0 Professional edition 3 times, emptied trash deleted all settings files as listed in KB article 1017838


installed Fusion 7.1.0 .. it somehow still gets my license keys and vminventory and when i go to Preferences > Network .. unlock to make changes but the entire settings area is still greyed out.


any clues or ideas on getting this fixed?