Horizon View Admin page denying access before asking for a login

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We started experiencing some strange behaviour with our View 6.0.1 server that began yesterday. I suspect there were some configuration changes made on the server, but nobody’s fessing up.


Now, when we visit https://myviewserver.domain.local/admin, it displays the error “Your account is not allowed to operate through this console.”


This is prior to ever being asked to login.


So far, I’ve cleared my browser cache + restarted. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled Horizon View on the server (keeping the database).


Neither of these resolved anything.

Has anyone ever run into this or have any ideas?


Many thanks.

Serious bug in Shared Folders feature in VmWare Workstation 8.x

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I see – there is a serious bug in that feature!

In particular scenario is following:

  • Enable Shared Folders feature for VM (let say = “D:share” on host PC will be visible as “Z:HostShare” on VM)
    (here you can suspend/resume VM couple of times)
  • On VM, using a shell script copy all *.h, *.c* files from “Z:HostSharesandboxmodulescoremyApp1source” to “D:sandboxmodulescoremyApp1source”
    (here you can suspend/resume VM couple of times and then repeat the same copy-operation)
  • On host PC – open any of *.h, *.c* files which were copied on VM – edit it and try to save, Windows on host PC will report “file access error” – file is in-use and cannot be overwritten (or such)



  • go to VM, open VM Settings, disable Shared Folders feature, click [OK], then enable Shared Folders feature back


As I can see this bug is exists in VmWare Workstation for quite a long time (more than 3 years).

Could you pleas fix it, finally?


The idea is – Shared Folders feature MUST NOT EXCLUSIVELY LOCK FILES which were accessed from VM. Especially when these files were closed/released on VM.


Thank you in advance.



Windows Server Technical Preview cannot find microsoft software license terms

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Good day everyone,

I have just tried to install Windows Server Technology Preview under VMWare Player 6. But, when I beginning the installation, I get this error:

Windows cannot find microsoft software license terms

and installation fails. Bing says it is something about memory size, but I assigned 8GB of memory to this virtual machine and still get same error.

Could you help me to fix this issue?