Manipulating Guest CPUID

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Hi there,

I wish all a happy new year!


Did anybody ever tried to manipulate the CPUID, which is shown to the guest OS?


I have the following scenario:

CPUID shown in the guest OS: 0FABFBFF00020651

vmx-File Parameters:

guestCPUID.0 = “0000000b756e65476c65746e49656e69”
guestCPUID.1 = “0002065100010800829822030fabfbff
As you can see I find the ID shown above splitted in two parts inside of the value of guestCPUID.1 (marked in bold).
I need to change this ID to 0FEBFBFF000006F1
If I manipulate the guestCPUID.1 value according to the ID I need I get the following result: After PowerOn the VM again the value gets instantly overwritten by the original value.  

I assume that the other part of the value and maybe also guestCPUID.0 are also related in some way.

Unfortunally I can´t find anything in the documation / google about this paramaters.

Thanks for any help!