SUSE is not bootable once add SCSI Controller with type “Paravirtual”

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I am following a guide “” to try

install Oracle 11g RAC on two separate SUSE 11 Linux, everything is fine when I have a standalone SUSE 11g

setup. Then I start to add new SCSI hard disks and a new SCSI Controller 1 is added automatically in this case.


Then I follow the guide to change the SCSI Controller Type to “Paravirtual”, and then start the SUSE VM guest.


At this time, the linux guest is no longer bootable. I attach a screen capture on the suse output here.


In the troubleshooting, I put the install CD disc and try install it again, I found that in the hard disk partitioner,


the original /dev/sda is changed to /dev/sdg   (I added five new SCSI hard disks for RAC afterward)


I think it is the main root cause why the SUSE linux suddenly failed to boot.


Finally, I change the new SCSI Controller type back to “LSI Logic Parallel”, then the SUSE can boot up successfully.


The ESXi host version is VMWare ESXi 4.1


Does any expert encounter similar situation before?


Please kindly share your experience with me if you know how to fix this situation.