Using a Data Domain as a datastore

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My company recently upgraded our enterprise backup solution so we have a data domain just sitting there spinning with no real purpose. I decided to mount this data domain to an ESXi host purposed for Development.


My question is: Has anyone out there done this before and how was the performace? I would have to imagine that the perfomance is terrible since the data domain must try and dedupe every block read/written. Not sure how that works..



Essentials Plus vCenter linked mode to vCenter standard?

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Is it possible (and allowed) to install the vCenter foundation version from the essentials plus bundle in a linked mode to connect to vCenter standard in our central location?


like this…

vCenter standard <- 5x vCenter foundation linked mode


We want to manage all our remote locations from our central vCenter standard.


If its possible, what about the WAN bandwith we should use for this.