Documenting your environment

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We are having a huge environment with multiple Daqtacenters at different locations.

We use SRM,Cicso load balancer,VDI,ESX,VC etc.We host Linux, Novell, Windows and Solaris Vms.

Documenting such such a huge environment is a big pain. I was woindering is there any kind of software which we can customise as per our needs

to document information like – History of the VM – Where a VM engineer can record all the activities that took place inside the VM. like troubleshooting, addition of resources

If there is a VM that needs to be under SRM, we can record that, if the VM is going to use Cisco GSS we can record that etc…

We can use Excel but it cannot be used at a enterprise level.


I am not looking for any monitoring software. This is more towards documenting your environment.


Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated