VCB Snaphot gives Protocol error from VMX

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Since a week or 2 (since we moved from ESX3.5 to vSphere) we’re experiencing problems while making VCB snapshots / backup’s.



Our vCenter records it as: “A general system error occured: Protocol error from VMX” while making a snapshot before the VCB is made.



Because of this error, the actual VCB never takes place.



I read several post about disabling / enabling VSS, disabling / enabling the SYNC driver, reinstalling the VM Tools etc.



None of these options work.



The vcbmounter commando we use is with the SAN parameter. We also tested it with the HOTADD parameter, but without any succes.



Strange thing is, is that this does not occur on all our VM’s, just a few that keep coming back with this error.



Are there any other options I can try to tackle this problem?