Host CPU Usage high while VMWare guest OS is idle

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I couldn’t find any posts on this via the search function – probably because not many people are concerned about it.


I’ve noticed that my CPU usage is always around 35% (a little less if I tell VMWare to use only one core). Menu meters shows both cores using anywhere from 25-45% (but it includes other applications running). I would expect this if Vista/XP were doing something, but the OS is completely idle – this is a fresh install of the OS with just the bootcamp and vmware tools installed (this was the same when it was not the bootcamp partition, but rather a virtual disk with only vmware tools installed). CPU usage in Windows as reported by Task Manager floats between 0 and 3%.


I’m curious as to whether there will be optimizations done to reduce the CPU usage (noted in the host operating system via activity monitor) while the guest OS is idle. This would be beneficial for two reasons that I can think of:


1) Keeps the fans quiet – I find it kind of annoying when it keeps kicking in

2) Better battery life


It’s not a serious problem for me, but the fan can be kind of annoying if it’s kicking in regularly because the CPU is constantly in use. The better battery life isn’t a problem for me, since I usually am only keeping windows running in the background when it’s plugged in and I’ve got Windows on the notebook LCD and OS X on my 21″ LCD.






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