2-Node vSAN ROBO over 3 sites

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Hi all,


we currently have 3 sites, 2 separate datacenters (london DC1, cardiff DC2) and 1 office. currently there is a vSAN Stretched cluster between the DCs, with 3 Nodes in each DC and the Witness in the office location. VCSA resides as a VM within the vSAN Cluster.


We now have a new requirement for a new VDI workload that needs GPUs in the hosts. The current vSAN Cluster has no GPUs and doesn’t need them. So one idea is to purchase 2 new hosts and fit one into each DC then set these up as a ROBO with a new witness in the office location. So this would then be 1+1+1. Most specific point here is that in this new vSAN Cluster there would only be 1 vSAN Host in each DC, would this be supported? Do you have a KB that details this topology as i cannot find one?


This would then result in 2 vSAN Clusters across the 3 sites that if supported we would make the new vSAN Cluster on new VLANs separate etc. This would then mean for the new cluster would have 1 Host in each DC that would be managed by the vCenter in the other vSAN Cluster and a new Witness in the office location.


Only 10 VMs to run in the 2-Node vSAN So believe pack of 25 VM licences could be used instead of CPU licence?


seems it is possible as depping wrote about this but cant see this detailed as supported from VMware? Two host stretched vSAN cluster with Standard license? | Yellow Bricks

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